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Ready to return to work, but need to update your skill set first? 

Our 2 Step - Return to Work Course is designed specifically for stay at home parents who are looking to re-enter the workforce.

Tell me more! How does it work?

We understand that studying after a break from paid employment can be quite the daunting challenge. There's a lot to balance between home and study, which is why our classes are blended between Online study and Classroom based study. You are only required to attend on-campus classes once per week, from 10am-1pm. The rest of the time, you can study online with access to your lecturer and class mates via email, phone calls, live blogging and our easy to use learner management system. 

1. FOUNDATION CLASSES - 11/05/2018 (9 WEEKS) - $800

Level 1: Foundation Classes will focus on basic computer and workplace office skills, boosting your confidence and preparing you for the next step.


  • Microsoft Office Series - Level 1
  • Business Technology
  • Organise Meetings

2. BACK TO WORK CLASSES - 27/07/2018 (10 WEEKS) - $800

Congratulations, you've completed Step 1! Now we'll move on to managing meetings, building greater skills in Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel and Word as well as preparing for the next step... employment!


  • Microsoft Office Series - Level 2
  • Manage Meetings
  • Resume and Interview Skills


Once you've completed these units, you'll be ready to re-enter the paid workforce or even join our Diploma level classes.

If you do choose to join one of our Diploma level classes, we will credit you for work already completed and fees paid.