Williams Business College has been consulting with Industry for over 120 years. When the needs of industry change, our courses reflect that... 

Williams Business College has been preparing individuals for business for over a century. Tens of thousands of quality business graduates have made Williams Business College a trusted name; one which they know and value. 

We help students to thoroughly prepare for the workforce by providing workshops on resume writing; dressing to impress; networking; mock interview and interview techniques. These are essential skills which serve our graduates throughout their careers. Employers continue to employ our graduates, knowing that they are prepared, polished and ready for the workforce.

Whilst not mandatory, our students are encourage to undertake Internships throughout their studies. There is no better way to understand their course content than to work in the world for which it was developed. Any student wishing to undertake an Internship should book an appointment with Student Services to discuss their goals.

Whilst we cannot guarantee employment to our students, Williams Business College graduates are highly sought, with potential employers contacting the College all year round for recent graduates. We pride ourselves on our Industry links and reputation and will continue to develop these.