Leadership Series

Professional Development is an integral component to the progression and management of a successful career in today's business world. In order to reach and maintain a position of management in an ever changing industry, it is vital to understand the key elements and subtle nuances of great leadership.

Our Leadership Workshop Series aims to equip candidates with the necessary skills over the course of five weeks. Held every Tuesday, our workshops are divided into four sessions of 80 minutes. Applicants can select to undertake the entire course or select individual workshops.

Whether you are a Junior Manager seeking a clearer understanding of how middle and senior management undertake their responsibilities, or a Middle Manager seeking to build upon your current skills and knowledge, this is the course for you.

The five workshops are as follows:

  1. Foundations of Organisational Management
    To succeed in the business world, today’s managers need to be fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to operate in an organization or business. This workshop course provides the strategies and planning tools that will assist and enhance the manager skills so that they are more prepared to meet the challenge of a changing work environment. More information...
  2. The Contemporary Leader
    This workshop course develops the competency of individuals who are seeking to understand the basis for leadership. It’s for individuals who aspire to know more about this topic and possible use what they will learn in their days to day approach to leadership. The workshop course places particular emphasis on the different styles of leadership, the traits a leader can have, feminine vs masculine leadership and when it’s suitable to which styles. More information...
  3. Turbulent Times (Change Management)
    Today’s business face an almost continual barrage of change. It comes on a daily basis and is driven by technology, trends, changing demographics, new markets and new government legislation. Today’s manager needs to be flexible and adaptable when meeting these challenges. This workshop course will provide managers with tools and strategies and tools to meet the tests of a changing environment. More information...
  4. The Effective Workplace Manager
    The Effective Workplace Manager short course provides the learner with the personal insight, skills, knowledge and attributes they will need to successfully manage staff in the workplace. With a focus on communication, behaviour and emotional intelligence, they’ll learn how to engage employees, construct meaningful relationships and maximize diversity in the workforce. More information...
  5. The Strategic Leader
    All businesses need a strategy. Otherwise it’s like a ship sailing with no known destination, not knowing if they have arrived and with no idea as to how to get back? The strategy provides the vision whilst operational planning provides the tactics. In this workshop course you will learn what strategy is, how it’s formulated, the levels of strategy and the role boards play in considering and selecting a strategy.  More information...

Acknowledgement of Achievement

Upon successful completing of the day workshop course, attendees will be awarded the Williams Business College Recognition of Achievement.

Should an attendee undertake and complete all five short courses they will be awarded the Williams Business College ‘Certificate of Leadership Award’. This award is formally presented once per year on Graduation Night. 


Lecturer - Kel Gleeson


Our trainer for the Leadership Series is an experienced leader who has accumulated a wealth of knowledge whilst serving with the Australian Army for 20 years and 15 years as a senior officer with the United Nations (Department of Peacekeeping Operations), serving in Cambodia, Rwanda, Yugoslavia, East Timor and The Sudan. From these theatres of operations he has been able to transfer this knowledge, tools and skills into the business world, and now is ready to teach and help today’s fast tracked young manager.  

For more information on Kel, please click here.