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Flexible, Friendly & Focused

Employers want people who are computer savvy and can communicate, write, analyse, think independently, work with a team and make smart decisions. We aim to engender these qualities in students, as well as providing nationally recognised qualifications.

We prefer to keep our student numbers to under a hundred, rather than a few thousand. In this way, our environment is large enough for diversity but small enough for us to personally care for each student individually. Our classes are small in size, which allows for your voice, ideas, questions and concerns to be heard. It is important to us that students feel comfortable and develop personally as well as professionally.


Support Networks

We want you to enjoy yourself while you are learning, so we have support networks to make your time at the college both fulfilling and enjoyable.

  • A staff member will help you to manage your program and any difficulties that might affect your studies.
  • Student Services personnel are available to help in other areas, including personal welfare and guidance. 
  • An active Student Representative Council meets to manage the social, cultural and charitable activities in the college and student/management liaison.


Industry Experts

The trainers at Williams Business College are qualified professionals with recent experience in their specialised subject areas. They bring a wealth of contemporary knowledge and industry contacts to class. Our training structure enables each student to participate in group activities and at the same time be treated as an individual.


Teaching Philosophy

Williams Business College believes in the fundamental goal of fostering learning with the view to equip today’s graduates with the skills necessary to contribute in an effective and meaningful way to days business world expectations. Our aim is to provide quality education and this is built around three core principles:

Inform: To meet the rigors and challenges of today, students need to be fully equipped, both with experience and skills. At Williams Business College we will ensure that the students learn the most up to date business processes and procedures. To inform is to educate and this is the key cornerstone of the Williams philosophy.  

Engage:  Students all learn differently and at differing speeds. Therefore teachers need to be able to recognise this aspect and tailor the process to engage the mind of the student. At Williams Business College the teachers are trained and equipped to meet this challenge, and to create the learning environment which connects with the learners aspiring mind. 

Inspire: Our experienced teachers are enthusiastic and highly motivated. They will be the role models for the students and will stand as a bench mark of what is required in today’s business world. They will encourage and guide the students in the learning process whilst providing the inspiration to excel in this business environment.