What is Recognition of Prior Learning or RPL?

As a candidate, you may already have the necessary skills or knowledge required to achieve some or all parts of the qualification. This may be because you:

  • Are already effectively working in the area; and/or
  • Have completed appropriate training; and/or
  • Have gained relevant experience in a similar or different industry. For example, you may have gained valuable planning skills from working in the retail industry, such as project management skills, which are also relevant to this industry; and/or
  • Have had other life experiences where relevant knowledge and skills were covered. For example, you may have experience in leading others in a sporting club that aligns with teamwork units of competency in this qualification.

If you fit any of these situations you can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). This means that you may be assessed as competent without having to do the training or parts of it.

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