Where are they now?

Nothing can tell you more about a College than it's graduates. Williams Business College graduates have careers across a variety of fields and we couldn't be prouder, here are a few..

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Amardeep Hansra

Regional Sales Director, Americas (based in New York)

Amardeep Hansra, Williams Business College graduate, university pathways,

Amardeep didn’t feel ready to go straight into university after completing his HSC. Simply put - he had no idea what he wanted to study. Instead he opted to enter the workforce straight out of high school working.

Only after 2 years working in Sales & Marketing did Amardeep decide to study his business function at a tertiary level. He started his educational journey through Williams Business College’s Advanced Diploma program. Having credible lecturers, like the former Head of Marketing of Gillette, really gave Amardeep extra motivation to learn.

After completing Advanced Diplomas in Marketing and Business Management, with the addition of the Certificate in Advertising, Amardeep decided to continue his education by pursuing the University of Canberra’s Bachelor of Business Administration Degree program through Williams Business College. Working full-time and studying part – time proved to be manageable for the 18-month period. It resulted in Amardeep graduating with a degree and 4 years professional work experience - better positioned as a university graduate than his high school friends who opted to go straight into university after completing their HSC. 

Best Williams Business College memory?

The social learning. It didn’t feel like study to Amardeep. He was meeting friends (some of whom are still close friends today!) and discussing the course content in a forum setting with his peers and that promoted creativity and innovative ideas.

What was the most helpful thing that you learnt at Williams Business College?

Team Work. Just like when in the workforce, there is a great diversity of people to work with at Williams Business College. I learnt how to work in teams with people of all ages, cultural and ethnic backgrounds and that has made me a stronger team player throughout my career.

What is the best piece of advice you could give?

Don’t study unless you are really interested in the field you are studying. It will enable you to enjoy the experience and not see it as study, but more exploring the fundamentals of an industry that interests you.

As a Regional Sales Director, what does your role entail on a daily basis?

Working with multiple stakeholders in financial institutions to enhance their levels of compliance processes to appease the local and global regulatory bodies.  

Why would you recommend Williams Business College?

Williams Business College provides a culture that enables willing students to excel in their learning experience. The college has a diverse mix of students and lecturers that results in an educational environment that is not dissimilar to the workforce. Upon completing the course at Williams Business College, I truly felt a smooth transition back into the workforce as the college promotes a team environment that any good employer in this day and age values. 

To this day I still identify that one key factor that has contributed to my career success is the time spent at Williams Business College. Having my qualifications accompanied with the work experience has opened doors for me to experience the global economy.

Karina Reid

solicitor and function centre MANAGER

Karina Reid, Williams Business College graduate, university pathways,

Karina graduated Williams Business College with a Double Advanced Diploma of Management and Marketing in 2004. Shortly after completing the Diploma, Karina went on to attain a Bachelor of Business Administration at the University of Canberra and then a Masters of Law and Legal Practice at the University of Technology, Sydney. Karina currently works for a mid-tier law firm in Sydney's CBD and moonlights on the weekend as a Function Centre Manager.

Best WBC memory?

My best Williams Business College memory takes me back to a time after I left WBC.  I was in the photocopying room of a general insurer, where I worked as an Administrative Assistant. Whilst photocopying my 900th file for the day, I took pause and asked myself the above question "Is this really what I want to be doing professionally?".  My answer was "no" and in that moment I decided to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a lawyer. Not having achieved the requisite UAI (ATAR) mark in my HSC, the only avenue available to gain a legal qualification was open to me thanks to WBC. The Diploma from WBC allowed me to enrol in a fast-tracked undergraduate degree at the University of Canberra (credits from the Diploma shaved 1.5 years off the degree) – which then allowed me to successfully apply to a Masters program at UTS, which only accepted students who had attained an undergraduate degree in another discipline. I can safely say that without WBC, I wouldn't be where I am today professionally (or personally – I met two of my best friends at WBC!).

 What is the most helpful thing you learnt at WBC?

In addition to the theory side of the syllabus, the teaching staff at WBC always connected the dots for me between what we were taught at WBC and how that could really be applied in the workplace. For example, our attendance at classes was recorded, we were required to dress in business attire and we were held accountable for deadlines, just as we would be in the workplace. This meant that when I left WBC and entered the workplace, I was in a much better position to understand a business' needs and integrate those with the skills I honed at WBC.

 What is the best piece of advice you could give?

Deciding the path you want to navigate professionally can be extremely stressful and confusing, particularly when you have just left school or are experiencing a mid-career-crisis. This pressure can sometimes lead us to make bad choices, particularly when it comes to deciding on your tertiary education or gaining another qualification. My best advice is to stop and ask yourself "if I could do anything career-wise, if I had obtained 100% in my HSC and had nothing stopping me, what would I do?". Once you identify the answer to this question (and it is likely to come quicker than you think), formulate a plan on how you're going to get there.  To sum up, my best piece of advice is to always remember both professionally and personally – you are your problem, but you are also your solution.

David Osmond

Victorian Area Marina Manager, D'ALBORA Marinas

David Osmond, Williams Business College graduate, university pathways,

David started no less than 3 degrees before settling and completing his business qualifications through Williams Business College. At Williams he completed an Advanced Diploma in Management and Marketing and went on to complete a Bachelor of Business Administration. Whilst completing the BBA, David worked as Marketing Assistant in a small corporate start-up. He then ran his own tourism business before gaining employment with D’ALBORA Marinas. He started as a general “Dockmaster” at Akuna Bay - running around outside assisting boats and co-ordinating the day to day running of the Marina. The business acumen David gained through his studies at Williams saw him quickly advance into management level and 3 years ago he made the move to Melbourne to manage the Southern Operations, currently consisting of Australia’s largest dry storage facility and two of Melbourne’s premium city marinas. David was also awarded an industry Scholarship to do further studies in the UK, which resulted in an Advanced qualification in Marina Management.

Best Williams Business College memory?

The small class sizes encouraged collaboration and team work.  We formed a real community that assisted learning, whether it was in the class, lunch room or after hours. This style of learning is filled with memories and forges friendships which last a lifetime.

What was the most helpful thing that you learnt at Williams Business College?

The course provided a great overview of the management and marketing functions. Knowledge of all levels of business decision making has really helped further my career and certainly helped with the diverse nature of my current role.

What is the best piece of advice you could give?

3 pieces of advice:

  1. Keep learning – there’s always more to learn and a lifelong thirst for knowledge is important for both personal and professional development.
  2. Work hard – some people fluke it, but the vast majority of successful people work very very hard for it – but don’t forget to enjoy it!
  3. Be patient and take opportunities when they present themselves, even if they put yourself outside of your comfort zone.

As Marina Manager, what does your role entail on a daily basis?

My role entails all aspects of managing a business.  Financial, operations, HR, OHS, strategy, marketing – a Marina Manager is across it all!  Fully responsible for the profitable and safe running of the businesses in my area. I’m also regularly involved in leading Australia wide projects across the D'ALBORA Marina group and speaking at industry events.

Why would you recommend Williams Business College?

The small class sizes encouraged collaboration and team work.  The diversity and community also gave a broad learning experience.

Julia Williams

Events manager in global and national law firms

Julia has spent most of her career as an events manager in global and national law firms. 

Julia Williams, Williams Business College graduate, university pathways,

Julia graduated Williams Business College with a Double Advanced Diploma of Management and Marketing in 2004.

Julia continued her studies with a Bachelor of Business Administration at University of Canberra and then later a Graduate Certificate in Events Management at University of Technology, Sydney.

Best Williams Business College memory?

What I loved most about College was the friends that I made and the fun we had – some of which I still call good friends today! It was also great that I was able to have a corporate job at the same time as I was studying – it enhanced what I was learning in the classroom to see it being practiced in the real world.

What was the most helpful thing that you learnt at Williams Business College?

All of the skills were really practical and ones that they use in the workplace not just on day one of work but that I’ve been using throughout my career. Whilst we learnt a lot of theory as well it was the putting it all into real world situations that really helped once I gained full time employment.

I also liked how at College we had such a diverse range of students – we had a bunch fresh from high school (like myself), and also some joining us who had already been in the workplace from all different career backgrounds. To be able to learn and share our different career experiences was invaluable. 

What is the best piece of advice you could give?

Ask lots of questions....but also listen to the answers. Both are skills honed over time but that can be applied to all situations to help empathise with others and help you understand more. That, and be nice to everyone you meet – you never know where they or you will end up in life! 

As an Events Manager, what do you do?

In my current role, I manage bespoke CEO hosted functions for key clients as well as educational seminars, cocktail events and team building activities - to name a few. 

I also oversee events nationally and work with key stakeholders to deliver unique events and experiences for our clients, assessing what we want our outcomes of the event to be and who we are targeting. Creating meaningful communications forms a large part of the role. This ranges from creating invitations to sharing feedback. 

Every day is varied, the events industry can be great fun - but project and time management skills are essential to the industry. These are skills that you will be required to learn quickly and very well!

Kayleigh Kilgore

Licensee @ The Good Property Company & Finance Manager, @ Astute Newcastle City

Kayleigh Kilgore, Astute, The Good Property Company Business Marketing, Williams Business College, Diploma, Pathways

Kayleigh graduated with a Double Advanced Diploma of Management & Marketing in 2009. 

Kayleigh continued her studies, adding a Diploma in Financial Services to her credentials, whilst working to attain the position of Finance Manager at Astute, Newcastle City. In 2012, Kayleigh was nominated for two awards and became a General Insurance Broker of the Year Finalist and Office Administrator of the Year Finalist. In November, 2013, Kayleigh expanded her portfolio, adding Licencee in charge at The Good Property Company to her CV. 

Best Williams Business College memory?

Being at Williams really was a year of fun. It was my first year out of school and I had no idea what to expect. I had come from a great school and after being advised by my careers advisor of the great colleges available to me I went for a tour of Williams Business College.

Williams Business College was the first and last college I went on a tour of – I was sold and I thought why not! From day one I felt extremely supported by all of the staff, the advice they gave from real life business experiences was invaluable. Apart from the business classes with Kel, my best memory is graduation night. After a year of hard word, new friendships and a lot of laughter it was really special to celebrate with the teachers who had now become friends and also fellow students who had become lifelong friends.

What was the most helpful thing that you learnt at Williams Business College?

This is an extremely hard question to answer as I learnt so much from my year at Williams. To top it off would definitely be the practical business solutions Kel taught me. Kel has an amazing history and from all of the life stories he told us, the recurring message was that when a problem occurs there is always a way to fix it - you just have to think outside the box to find the answer.

What is the best piece of advice you could give?

In my very short career I have learnt that there are no short cuts for success. Work hard, work really hard and do not expect that a 9 - 5pm working day with a one hour lunch break will bring you success. Start early, finish late and when you are tired, make coffee your new best friend! Be passionate about what you do and find new ways to do things.