Williams Business College has been in operation since 1894 and is proud to continue offering business courses which cater to the needs of individuals and industry.


We believe that Williams Business College will be a place for students to learn and unlock their potential for the business world.

our Team

In 2015, a group of senior teachers from the former Williams Business College decided to continue the quality business courses and proud foundations laid by the Williams family since 1894. 


Hugh George Williams, the founder of the College, had the vision of delivering education which would prepare people for the modern workplace. This was accomplished by equipping individuals with training in the latest technology as well as practical skills and knowledge, which matched the requirements of employers. The main goal however, was to help students achieve their personal best. Qualified and caring trainers who were industry experts, made this possible. This tradition of providing holistic education focusing on achievement in business continues to this day.

Over the years, Williams Business College has trained tens of thousands of Australians and has developed a reputation for quality education. Today, many of the previous graduates of Williams Business College are now the employers of our new graduates. The Williams Business College experience is one where students develop professionally and personally, meanwhile creating lasting friendships with their classmates.