Jennifer Lang

Jennifer Lang, Premium Flooring Australia, Diploma of Business Administration, Pathways, Leadership and Management

"Studying at WBC was the best decision of my life! Not only did I receive an amazing education but I was also able to start working while I was studying my business course and finish with industry experience. I also made friends that are still with me today.

I recently moved back to Sydney (4 years after graduating) and when I popped into the College for a catch up, the staff immediately set out to assist me in seeking employment.  I cannot recommend WBC enough!"

Leanne Penza - Scholarship Student

Leanne Penza, Scholarship, Testimonial, Williams Business College, business course, secretarial course, legal secretary

"I chose to attend Williams Business College because it immediately caught my eye. It wasn't your average college, its location and its surrounding are absolutely beautiful. Williams Business College offers a range of course that can be completed in a short period of time, one of which was the perfect course for me.

My ultimate dream is to be a CEO one day and Williams Business College has allowed me to be one step closer to my dreams. I have been able to experience something different and I am absolutely loving it."

Carla Urosevski - Scholarship Student

Carla Urosevski, Business, College, Graduate, Study, Employment, secretarial course, business course

"I chose Williams Business College because of what it offers me on a realistic level. The options sounded perfect and just what I wanted. One year of studying in a smaller, more interactive environment and class. The course directly focused on what I wanted to study, with potential employment through the college's industry connections. 

Throughout my time here, the college has delivered what they offered and through my teachers and the staff I have learnt more than many of my friends that attended university and other colleges. I am very happy and would recommend anyone to enrol in Williams Business College."

Lindsay Bennett - Diploma of Business Administration

Lindsay Bennett, Diploma of Admin, Secretarial, Legal Admin

"The teaching staff at Williams Business College have always been more than accommodating in their lessons and teach in a way that is easy to understand, while instilling their wisdom and experience. They're never too busy to answer a question or stop for a chat. The courses are always structured in a way that allows for you to come to terms with what you are learning.

The friendly environment and atmosphere amongst students is enticing as you know that there is always someone you can talk to and have lunch with. I have been lucky enough to make some friends who I now hold very close to my heart and I hope we keep in contact for many years to come.

Williams Business College has been such a wonderful experience and I am fortunate to have had such a positive outcome all while being groomed for the business world."

Natalie Smith - Diploma of Business Administration 

"Williams Business College was best at providing me with the specialised skills needed to have an edge over other potential candidates looking to work in the same position as me. The college game me an exceptional education by providing teachers with experience in the industry of what they were teaching. The teachers were always willing to help and go the extra mile to ensure every student had a chance at understanding the content, completing tasks to an above average standard and going over anything that needed further attention.

Our class coordinator had many contacts within the Legal field, which I was interested in working in. This saw many employers coming and talking to us at the college about the positions that they had available for graduate legal secretaries, giving us, the potential employee a choice of where we would like to work. Our coordinator also ensured that anyone who had not made contact with a job or had not been offered a position that they were aware of all job opportunities at that time. These came either directly to the college or were found online and followed through by the College. Many of my peers including myself were already offered a position up to three months before their diploma was finished. It was great to graduate with the closure of knowing you had direction for the coming year, with time for a holiday in between."