Is your business an Open-Book?

A few years ago, I had to come up with a name for my business. I asked my friends and family "How should I go about it?". A good friend told me that my business is essentially a reflection of myself. 

I decided to ask my clients why they chose me over other accountants out there. The answer was the same across the board. They chose me because they felt that I was a trustworthy person. 

When I was in school, my dad gave me an advice on running a small business.I was fairly young and would help him during the school holidays. He told me, “Trust is an asset for your business, because once you lose it you will lose a lot of current and potential business”.

I realised that I have absorbed that statement and applied it in my life, especially in my business dealings. This is where the name "Open-Book" came from. As a small business owner I realise that my values are affecting my business through my actions and behaviour. 

What are your values and do they affect your business?

- Fikri